Why should I charter?

Private charter will help you to save time, increase productivity, and avoid the hassle of flying with the airlines.

Why should I charter with Prairie Charter?

Prairie Charter is focused on providing you with the safest and most reliable air transportation to get you and your family and/or colleagues to the destination of your choice.

 How much advance notice do you need prior to take-off?

We can be ready within a few hours from the time you call.

Is charter safe?

Yes. Prairie Charter and the private charter industry have always exceeded the safety standards and performance record established by the airlines.  Your safety is our number one concern and responsibility.

How do I arrange for my charter?

Charter requests can be made via the "Contact Us" Section on this website or by calling direct to our Chicago area office (Toll Free 877 4 MY FLIGHT)

What airports do you use?

We service over 5000 airports nationwide. We can suggest departure and arrival points based on your itinerary and preference to save you time and money.

How much luggage can I bring?

The amount of luggage allowed will depend on the destination and number of people in your party.

How do I pay?

All payments are to be made upon receipt of final invoice. Prairie Charter accepts transactions in U.S. dollars only. Traveler's Cheques, Checks drawn on a U.S. bank, and all Major Credit Cards are all accepted means of payment.

Will the aircraft stay at the destination with me?

The aircraft is scheduled according to the needs of the customer. Based on your itinerary, and cost factors, we will decide whether it is most efficient for the aircraft to wait for you or whether it should return for you at your departure date. Generally speaking, for one and two day trips -- it is almost always more economical for the aircraft to wait. Longer trips are evaluated on a case by case basis.

How many pilots will I have?

All flights can either be flown with one or two pilots depending on your preference.

How do I get to and from the destination airport?

Private car service and rental cars can be easily arranged or you can arrange for your own transportation to meet us at the airplane.  Also, rental car agencies are located at almost all airports.

Is there airport parking?

Airport parking is available and is generally free at general aviation airports.

What documents will I need to fly internationally?

Each passenger will be required to carry a valid passport. Prairie Charter will advise of any other documentation needed prior to departure.