Fishing in Canada

Fishing in Canada is one of the greatest adventures in North America.  The fish are big and the mosquitos are even bigger and the highlight of the year for friends and family.  Many of the fishing resorts are not located near the cities of Montreal, Winnipeg, or Toronto where most of the airlines provide service.  When the fish are biting you want to be there and not sitting in a car or on an airliner thinking about fishing.  Getting to these more remote locations was easy.  We left at 9 in the morning in Chicago and were on the lake by 3 in the afternoon in New  Brunswick and only had to show my passport and ID once instead of the half a dozen times required in airline terminals.  The airlines offered jet service to the area where we were staying but if we used their schedule we would have left the house at 5 am in Chicago and would not have made it to the resort until 6 that evening.  The fishing was great and can't wait to go back next year!